CEO Message

Now, let us give glory to the Lord, for he leads imperfect us to conduct his divine missions.

First, I would like to Thank you - Our customers, stockholders, employees and all their family members- for your concern and love for dandan. Your supports have helped us to be one of the leading ceramics manufacturers.

Currently, we develop and provide ceramic materials and ceramic coated parts which serve in various industries such as semiconductors, display, iron manufacture, energy, and other specialized industry. We are proud to say that we will do the best to be the best ceramic manufacturer of all industries. Well, then, we can realize dandan’s dream, to be an airplane manufacturer, and of all, we hope our achievement can contribute to human development.

We recognize that our business is a highly intellectual industry, and Speed & Change are the keys to the survivor. So we will constantly reinvent ourselves and will renovate our services with new ideas and thoughts.

In the Korean language, dandan means tough, hard and indestructible. We strongly believe that our name represents not only our products, but also our spirit as well. As our name, will help our neighbors who are in troubles by constant missionary work and service.

CEOKang Ho Lee